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A Terrific Tax Saving Opportunity

Immediate write-offs may be available when you renovate your property
When you renovate or remodel a property you're often throwing away items that have not been fully depreciated yet. These items are usually carried on your depreciation schedule; however a cost segregation study can provide the detailed documnetation needed to support an immediate write-off of any remaining basis associated with retired assets.

2,800 SF Dunkin' Donuts Results

Typically 30% - 50% of your property can be depreciated faster
Over five and/or 15-years instead of 39-years - not including furniture, fixtures, and equipment which are accounted for separately.

About Bedford

•  Based in Bedford, New Hampshire, with offices throughout the US
•  Completed over 5,000 cost segregation studies
•  Experience with Dunkin' Donuts stores and CPL facilities
•  Committed to excellent client service in the event of an IRS examination

Getting Started
•  Free estimate of benefits report
•  Collect and review property information if available (blueprints, invoices, etc.)
•  Perform engineering stie visit and draft a report
•  Issue report within 20 business days

Bedford works with your CPA to bring you tremendous tax benefits
An engineering-based cost segregation study (CSS) identifies the components within your property that qualify for accelerated depreciation including, but not limited to, special use electrical, plumbing, HVAC, flooring, millwork, decorative elements, and exterior improvements.

For more information on how cost segregation can help you achieve considerable tax savings and increase your cash flow, contact Bill Cusato at or (978) 263-5055.